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About UAE

UAE is famous for its state Dubai around the world although UAE is based on 7 emirates or states. Each emirate is a charm in it self. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and is soon become a city just as famous and popular tour destination like Dubai. Abu Dhabi has many tours and excursions available

Dubai offers numerous options for accommodation for business as well as leisure travelers. Dubai has a 7 star hotel, a hotel in the water and hotels in the desert as well as many fine city hotels. Dubai,s charm are its shopping centers but hotels are no less important. The government of Dubai has strict control on star rating of Dubai hotels, thus the quality of hotels you get in Dubai is absolutely world class.

Dubai offer many leisure activities which include the desert safaris in the Arabian desert, dhow cruise dinners and crabbing tours, moreover Dubai has many adventure activities to chose from you can contact a local Dubai Tour operator to get you the best available activities and tours in Dubai