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We will compare hotel availability for your dates from over 300 web sites and will present to you the lowest possible rates.

What is the best way to book a hotel on line?

There are 100s of web sites where one can book a hotel online. Some of them are simply web site without any real booking engine rather they simply create web pages which rank high in google and you keep browsing, browsing without getting anywhere. You need to understand that there are just about a dozen websites which actually have physical offices and they are giant companies having relations with all hotels chains of the world. They negotiate special rates with hotels. Hotels allocate them a number of rooms per day to offer on their web site at discounted rates. These web sites place these rates based on the booking dates. Now if you end up to one of these sites lets say booking.com or agoda.com you will find that some times they do get good rates but at other times their rates are too high. Well the reason for that is that many times their allocation has been filled up already so they offer you just the best available rate of the hotel which is usually the highest. With a web site like 786hotels you can search all these top hotel sites and compare the rates and book thru the one whose allocation is still available, hence you can book at the cheapest possible rate.

I do not have a credit card how can I book online?

This is actually a problem but if you have a paypal account you may book with agoda or if you live in UAE, USA Sri Lanka or Pakistan 786hotels.com has offices in these cities and you can simply visit our office call us and send money by bank transfer and we will book the hotel on your behalf however we will charge a fee of 10% for this service.

Our office numbers

Pakistan Karachi: +92-321-2424778

How to book a hotel online?

To book a hotel search a hotels with your desired dates and place of stay. Our site will show you the best available hotels and comparative rates form different web sites on the Internet. You select the hotel you like and click "booking link" you will be taken to the respective web site where you will make the reservations.

Does it cost to compare hotel rates on different sites.

No its is 100% free to compare the hotel rates on our site and you only pay the reservation charges.

Is it safe to book a hotel online?

Yes it is 100% safe and secure the web sites which you book thru are big players in the market and are actually bigger gients than the hotels so if you can give you credit card to a hotel you can also trust these hotel reservation service sites.

Can you help me book a hotel online?

Yes we can Just call us at +92-321-2424778 and we will walk you thru the reservation.

Can I get corporate hotel rates online for my company.

Hotels rates you will see on our site are actually cheaper than the corporate rates of the individual hotel rates so it is rather better to book online rather than getting the corporate rates which are higher.

What is cancellation policy?

Usually sites charge a minimum fee like US or so if you cancel 2 days prior to arrival.

Can I ammend the reservation later

Yes you can

Will I get a hotel voucher for the reservation i made?

Yes you will get a confirmation by email which actually serves as a hotel voucher. You will also have a phone number of hotel you check your reservation by call the the hotel directly also.

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